Easy tattoo removal method

Easy tattoo removal method

Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) is often used in beauty treatment for softening wrinkles, dulling acne scars etc. People nowadays are using TCA to remove their tattoo or to at least to start fading them. Countless studies have been done to study people using it for getting rid of the tattoo. Anyone interested to remove tattoo safely, TCA home skin peel kits specially made for tattoo removal can be a great option. For further help, you can follow www.tattooremovalcreams.net.


People looking for a way for lessening the effect of tattoo in a less painful way, using this procedure can be much easier than using laser surgical procedures. It is an acid that can be applied easily to the skin to waive and remove. Within a month you can notice fading away of the tattoo if used regularly and after a certain period of time, it will be completely removed or dull enough to be able to get a new tattoo done.

If you follow the instructions properly, it can save you both money and trouble of laser surgery. TCA does not leave scarring. There may be some reactions seen though which can be a mild irritation or in severe cases blistering and discoloration. It is advisable to use only a small amount in your body rather than putting a large amount at first. However, if you find slight scarring, that is because of tattoo application, not the TCA.

The tattoos that are done by professionals and are of high quality, will take more effort to be removed. However, if it is done at home or by amateur hands, it will be a lot easier to remove them by TCA. It is recommended that people with darker skin tone do not use them because it may result in hypopigmentation. In case of colorful bright tattoos, the result may be more prominent covered areas usually fade faster than outlines.

For having the best results you must ensure high-quality peel kits. Checking the ingredients to know the percentage of TCA acid is a must. If the percentage is higher than 10, there is a chance of damage to the skin. You can dilute the solution if you find the solution to be too strong for yourself. Washing the area of the tattoo is the first and foremost thing that should be done. After washing with a hypo allergic soap, you have to rinse the area with warm and clean water and then pat dry. Then read the instructions very carefully and apply to the area of your tattoo.

You may find a brush for applying along with your kit and then you need to allow it to dry for the instructed period. After that time, you can touch it again and wash it with clean warm water. If you feel slight itching in the applied area, you don’t need to panic. It is normal because of the use of acid and it indicates that your solution is working. In case of reapplication, you should be careful that the previous peeling is over. Overall it is recommended that you should be well researched and careful.


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